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Who we are

We are believers in Christ Jesus,

Spirit-led and called to worship God with thanksgiving

and to care for one another and the wider community with compassion.

Worshiping with thanks
+ + +
Serving with love

What we are called to do

Empowered by the Spirit, we seek:

  • to glorify God together by worshiping with energy, creativity, joy, and beauty;

  • to learn together by studying Scripture with openness, curiosity, and depth;

  • to build and nurture relationships within our congregation and community and across religions and cultures;

  • to treat people equitably, work for systems and structures that are fair, and advocate for the weak and the vulnerable in our region and in the world;

  • to live out our faith by going where help is needed to build, to teach, to feed, and to care for the environment alongside sisters and brothers across the country and around the world.

We trust God to equip us with the gifts and resources to fulfill our call to know Christ, share Christ, and
live Christ in this place at this time.

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